Quick and trusted help during active emergencies

Use Artificial Intelligence to assist the public in times of crisis

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Smart answers

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Cutting edge neural networks are trained to understand human text and speech as best as possible. They will give tailored answers to your questions regarding active emergencies.

Public warning

Societal Resilience

Promoting societal resilience by an integration in the Everbridge Public Warning System. Get quick and easy access to by including a link in emergency alerts. Even in high-risk disaster areas, maintain connection through MEC technology.



The interface and the messaging system can be translated in both English and Dutch


Optimized for visual and auditory impairments


Images, realtime voice and interactive map integration

European community

Based on the research of ENGAGE

ENGAGE is a EU-funded project, started in July 2020, whose mission is to provide novel knowledge, impactful solutions and emergency response guidelines for exploiting Europe ́s societal resilience.

Solutions will aim at bridging the gap between formal and informal approaches to risk and emergency management, increasing the ability of communities to adapt before, during and after disaster.